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Mental Health


Fee For Service Program

El Centro de Ayuda (ECDA) offers an array of Clinical Services for individuals mandated by Court, Department of Children and Family Services, the Probation Department as well as individuals seeking assistance on a voluntary basis. ECDA has provided mental health services to the Boyle Heights community since 1981. Our goal is to provide a broad continuum of high quality and culturally relevant clinical services for low-income youth and families. ECDA’s holistic approach to mental health is supported by our multiservice agency and our wide network of longstanding partnerships with community agencies. 

These services are provided on a Fee For Service basis. The PC 1000 Drug Diversion & Domestic Violence program fees are based on a sliding fee scale. All other program fees are at fixed rates. 

To register for our Fee For Service Programs you Must pay a $50 Registration Fee which is Non-Refundable and provide the following documents Prior to being given an intake appointment.

  • Identification: DMV Drivers License or ID, Photo ID or Other Proof of Residency
  • Income Verification: Recent Check Stub, Proof of Public Assistance AFDC, GR, SSI, SDI ect.
  • Court Minutes and Other Documents

Individual & Couple Counseling Program Fees

Individual Counseling
$50 Registration Fee & $30 Per Session 

Court Mandated Program Fees

PC 1000 Drug Diversion
$50 Registration Fee & $515 - $582 (based on sliding fee scale)
20 Weeks

Spanish Sessions Monday 6-8pm

English Sessions Wednesday 6-8pm

Domestic Violence
$50 Registration Fee & $1,275 to $2,105 (based on a sliding fee scale)
52 Weeks

Spanish Men Sessions Wednesday 6-8pm

English Men Sessions Thursday 6-8pm

English Women Sessions Monday 6-8pm

Parenting (DCFS)
$50 Registration Fee & $30 Per Session
12-52 Weeks

English Sessions Monday 1-2pm

To Schedule an appointment:

All clinical services are available in English and Spanish
Please Call: (323) 526-9301
Monday-Thursday: 8am to 8pm

Friday: 8am to 5pm


Parenting Workshops at Comunidad Cesar Chavez

El Centro de Ayuda's PSA counselor is hositng a series of workshops at Comunidad Cesar Chavez. After today's parent workshop Glamour Projects and their team of volunteers pampered and lifted the spirits of 15 mothers.

Posted by El Centro de Ayuda on Friday, April 13, 2018




El Centro de Ayuda Parenting Workshops!